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About us

Zymoptiq takes its roots in several years of scientific research in the field of microtechnology to revolutionize enzymatic measurement.

Zymoptiq is a spin out of CNRS and benefits from the state of the art technological resources of its laboratory IEMN as well as the support of its many partners. 

Where are we ?

Zymoptiq is based in its own office on at the Synergie Park on the campus of the University of Lille Métropole as well as at the IEMN.

In addition to its locations in Lille, Zymoptiq is also present in Paris and at Wageningen (Netherlands). 

Zymoptiq expands into new offices


On the occasion of the 10th cohort graduation of the ACCELERATE program, Zymoptiq testified as an alumnus of the program. 

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The Cofounders

Philippe Pebay

Cofounder - CEO

Dr. Alexis Vlandas

Cofounder - Scientific Director

The team

Zymoptiq’s team | July 2023

The Zymoptiq team is composed of 27 collaborators recognized for their complementary expertise in microfabrication, instrumentation, biochemistry, and technical-scientific support. Our team includes a significant proportion of engineers and Ph.D. holders specialized in the various technical and scientific fields. The combination of these skills and team cohesion is what makes Zymoptiq strong. 

We are organized into different divisions; Instrumentation, R&D, Production, Customer Success, Sales & Support. 


Video Credit: FONDATION Université de Lille | 2020

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