Enzymes, particularly phytases and xylanases, enhance the efficiency of livestock feed but require caution due to their fragility. The granulation process involving extrusion, with its heating and compression steps, can damage enzymes and reduces the overall activity. Therefore, it is crucial to conduct analyses to determine the Recovery Rate, quantifying the proportion of the initial enzyme activity retained within the pellet.

The Zymplate® is especially well-suited for easily and rapidly measuring the activity of these enzymes in finished products. Indeed, the Zymplate® is directly compatible with any food matrix without requiring preparation. Moreover, its sensitivity allows overcoming potential matrix inhibition effects while ensuring measurement suitable for low enzymatic activity levels.  

Already, the Zymplate® is supporting R&I teams, quality control, and nutritionists in developing new formulations through simplified and reliable measurements. It allows continuous monitoring of the enzyme activity at each stage of transformation, from pure enzymes to pellets and pre-mixes.

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