Malt is a cereal grain that undergoes a germination and drying process. Through this transformation, malts, primarily derived from barley, provide the enzymes necessary to convert cereal starch into fermentable sugars, such as maltose.

La Zymplate® offers maltsters the ability to monitor and optimize the malting process. They can fine-tune their process by adjusting soaking, germination, or drying parameters to achieve the best enzymatic yields and consistent wort quality.

For Brewers, Zymplate® allows analysis of the malt’s enzymatic activity, ensuring its suitability for brewing by measuring α-amylases and diastatic power.

Seed companies offering barley can also use Zymplate® to evaluate seed diastatic power and α-amylases, selecting the best varieties to cultivates. Zymplate®’s simplicity and high-throughput analysis make this selection process more efficient.

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