The precise dosing of enzymes in industrial cleaning products is crucial to ensure cleaning process efficiency while preserving surfaces and environment. Formulating cleaning products requires precise control to optimize enzyme utilization. Improper dosing can lead to inefficiency or, conversely, excessive aggressiveness towards surfaces.


In this context, Zymplate® provides a simple and easy solution for developing news formulas and quality control verification, thereby optimizing cleaning product efficiency by precisely controlling enzymes.

Clean-In-Place (CIP)

In Clean-In-Place (CIP) processes, controlling residual enzyme activity is crucial. Enzymes are used for cleaning, and measuring their remaining activity in rinse water helps asses the process efficiency. This evaluation allows for adjustments in rinsing, thereby reducing both time and water consumption while ensuring surface cleanliness. It contributes to maintaining high hygiene standards and optimizing operational costs.

With Zymoptiq, New perspectives await you!

Our tool allows you to better characterize, understand, and grasp enzymes. R&I teams, amplify your creativity by harnessing the infinite potential of enzymes! Invent the ingredient or finished product of tomorrow! QC teams, transform your daily routines by simplifying your measurements!