Frequently asked questions

From sample preparation to visualizing the results on Zymosoft® and including an average 30-minute incubation, the assay of 96 samples takes 2 hours. 

The duration and temperature of the incubation are specific to each enzyme and sample type. We recommend an incubation of approximately 30 minutes. However, samples with low activity or significant matrix inhibition may require an incubation of around 2 hours. 

The acquisition of 96 data points takes 15 minutes. 

The pH range is between 3 and 9.

The incubation is possible between 4 and 70°C. 

The method allows reading the Zymplate® later after the experiment. Once the plate has been rinsed and dried, it can be stored in its blister, protected for direct sunlight, for acquisition the next day or at a later date.  

You can send us samples by contacting us at  For more than two samples, we will provide you with a quote. 

Yes, Zymoptiq offers co-development program.

Zymoptiq recommends using a multichannel pipette to transfer samples in order to reduce the time gap between the first and the last samples transferred. This game gap could initiate a reaction between the substrate at the bottom of each well and the enzymes present in the sample, leading to difference in results. Using a multichannel pipette helps ensure more consistent and reliable results. 

The minimum volume is 60 µL (volume required to cover the entire bottom of the well), and the maximum is 100 µL. 

Before and after opening, Zymplates® must be stored in their blister, at room temperature, and protected from direct sunlight.

Zymplates® are designed for one type of enzyme at a time. For example, different amylase can be assayed on the same amylase Zymplate®, but a xylanase Zymplate® will not measure amylase samples. 

The amylase plates have an expiration of 12 months, while the xylanase and β-glucanase plates have an expiration of 6 months. 

No, each well is for single-use only. However, re-imaging is possible if the Zymplate® has been stored under the recommended conditions: in its blister and protected from direct light. 

No, the Zymplate® can be used over several days. Once the blister is opened for the first time, the Zymplate® can be used within at least four weeks. This modularity allows a cost-effectiveness and a practical usage of Zymplates® based on your analysis needs. After partial use, the Zymplate® should be stored under appropriate conditions to preserve the stability of substrates until the next use.  

All part of the Zymplates® are recyclable, and Zymoptiq takes care of it.