Enzymes in Breadmaking

Among the many ingredients used in baking, enzymes play a key role. They act as catalysts in transforming these ingredient into bread.

They impact several key areas : 
– Dough rising
– Texture and flavor
– Shelf life
– Fermentation optimization
– Consistency in production quality
– Crafting unique recipes
– Regulations compliance

Zymoptiq can assist you in : 
1. Assessing the quality of received enzyme and monitoring their aging.
2. Screening commercial enzymes to identify the optimal solution.
3. Monitoring the production of enzymes of a fermented enhancer …

Bread Improvers

The Zymplate® is the ideal tool for bread improvers manufacturers to high-throughput test various enzyme combinations, aiming to achieve specific technical effects. For instance, improving bread rise, crust and bread texture…

Industrials bakeries

Flour, a key component in baking products, can vary significantly from one batch to another. Therefore, characterizing it becomes essential to adjust recipes and ensure consistent products across batches. The Zymplate® stands out as a highly flexible and swift tool, ideal for supporting industrial bakers in recipe adjustments. This facilitates savings while reducing production waste and excess.

Additionally, the Zymplate®’s sensitivity ensures the absence of residual enzymatic activity post-baking.

With Zymoptiq, New perspectives await you!

Our tool allows you to better characterize, understand, and grasp enzymes. R&I teams, amplify your creativity by harnessing the infinite potential of enzymes! Invent the ingredient or finished product of tomorrow! QC teams, transform your daily routines by simplifying your measurements!